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The Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association


Bismarck-Museum Schönhausen Schönhausen
Bismarck-Museum Schönhausen

The Bismarck Museum in Schönhausen, which was in 1998 with the help of funding from the state of Saxony-Anhalt, became a branch of theOtto von Bismarck Foundation in 2007. The Foundation is one of five political mem ... more

Eingangshalle Ilsenburg
Iron and Steelworkers Museum Ilsenburg

In the museum’s focus of interest is the art of iron-casting in Ilsenburg. In the entrance the visitor is welcomed by iron-casting stairs from the 19th century that lead to the exhibitions. Further examples of iron-casti ... more

Rückansicht Museum mit historischen Bergbaumaschinen und Geräten aus vergangenen Zeiten Staßfurt
Municipal- and Mining museum Staßfurt

In 1983 a permanent exhibition of the history of the town of Staßfurt and of the common salt production until 1850 was opened. (Later a strong potassium industry developed. In Staßfurt there was the first sha ... more