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Local History Museum Arendsee


PIETA-74 Valentin Starchev Bul

The museum is located in the former hospital of a nunnery and informs about the history of the town as well as about the significance of Arendsee as a conservation area. Animal specimens give insights about the fauna of the area.
Working tools of the fishermen, a cobblers workshop from the 19th century, a kitchen from about 1920 and biographical information about the eccentric itinerant preacher Gustav Nagel (1874 -1952) and the local talent - painter and poet Fritz Gentsch (1866 - 1946) - are shown as well.
The cloister shows epitaphs dating back to 1538. The millstone erected on the museum grounds dates back to 1685 and was rescued from the Arendsee (Lake Arend) in 1983.

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