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Melanchthon House Wittenberg

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Melanchthonhaus und Erweiterungsgebäude; Foto: Florian Trott Blick in die Ausstellung im Melanchthonhaus; Foto: Anne Eilers Studier- und Sterbezimmer von Philipp Melanchthon; Foto: Anne Eilers

Built in 1536 and almost preserved unchanged, the Melanchthon House is one of the most beautiful Renaissance houses of Germany. It served as a residence up until 1953 and was then used as local history museum until 1966. On the occasion of the 450-year anniversary celebration of the reformation, it was set up in 1967 to serve as a memorial for the important German humanist and "Praeceptor Germaniae" ("teacher of Germany") Philipp Melanchthon (1497 - 1560). The exhibition describes his life and works.
A nice garden with a more than 450 years old yew-tree and an herb and spice garden are part of the property. Today, visitors can still see a tap-off of the old water pipes from the Middle Ages, which receives its water from a spring. This waterline was given to Melanchthon in 1556 as a gift by burghers of Wittenberg.