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Saurier Blick in den Ausstellungsraum Präparat Carolinasittich Elfenbeinspecht

Collected by Ferdinand Heine Snr. (1809-1894) and recognised as the biggest private collection of birds in the middle of the 19th century, it is the basis of this special "Naturkundemuseum" (museum of natural science).
Among other things its exhibitions inform about the interesting variety of the "Birds of the World", the "Birds of the Harz-Mountains and its Foreland" and the special complex of problems of "Endangered Birds". Furthermore you can see by far the oldest inhabitants of the town area: two precious skeletons "Saurians of Halberstadt".
Moreover it offers a special exhibition of the topic "Bird of the Year", monthly evening events of selective topics and a wide range of museum-pedagogical work such as amateur handicraft, guided tours and thematic teaching. Apart from its precious collection (over 27.000 exhibits, mainly bird bodies, skeletons and nests) the "Heineanum" has a library relating to natural science (over 15.000 volumes).
Together with the "Förderkreis Museum Heineanum e. V." (promotion society) two scientific journals are published.

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